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List of Back Pain Research topics to identify the problems, and the solutions as related to each problem. Sciatica - Herniated Disc - Accidents - Muscle Imbalance - Inflammation - Pain Management - Piriformis Syndrome - Sacroiliac Joint.

Welcome, I am Andy Graham,
I broke my left femur 30 years ago in a motorcycle accident that resulted in one leg shorter, and not straight resulting in an imbalance that caused 30 years later:
1. Shooting pain down left side of body - Sciatica
2. Spastic muscle pain which is either Piriformis Syndrome or Sacroiliac Pain
3. Foot Drop or pain on back of left knee - Peroneal Nerve.
The Pain Management Plan or Regime of Andy Lee Graham
This is my personal research, the goal is for me to remain walking and living normal. I am age 56, Andy Graham.

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Back Pain Research Latest

Sleeping On Stomach Stopped My Sciatica Pain By Andy Lee Graham

In June of 2012 I made a decision to sleep on stomach, when lying down to be 80 percent of the time on my belly, and not my back, it stopped sciatica pain

Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique aims to teach people how to stand, hold themselves and move differently in order to eliminate unnecessary tension in their bodies.

Why my Sciatica is in Remission

My Sciatica has been in remission now for 5-6 months, I believe it is because of three lifestyle changes to stopped the pain.

Free Sciatica Consultation

Free Sciatica Consultation, by Andy Graham founder of this site.

Andy Lee Graham Present Pain Status

I am Andy Lee Graham, the person who manages this site, this page is to explain how I presently am doing with my pain.

Aleve or Naproxen Sodium

Naproxen Sodium is the ingredient in Aleve pain medicine.

Andy Lee Graham List of Muscle Imbalances and X-rays of Bone Problems

A digest of all observable muscle imbalance or bone problems that can objectively be seen of the body of Andy Lee Graham.

Muscle Anatomy of the Hips and Buttocks

Muscle Anatomy of your Hips and Buttocks, a collection of photos and videos.

Andy Lee Graham Pain Treatment Regime

This is outline of my back pain treatment for sciatica caused by disc herniation and nerve impingement by piriformis muscle.

Andy Lee Graham MRI of Spinal Disc Herniation

Andy Lee Graham MRI of Spinal Disc Herniation, this was done in the Philippines in Bwang.

Andy Lee Graham X-ray of Broken Femur

This is an x-ray of the femur of Andy Lee Graham, it was broken in a motocycle accident at age 23, I am now 56.

False Sciatica

False Sciatica defined and explained.

Piriformis Muscle

Piriformis Muscle defined.

Free Lower Lumbar Support for any Chair to Stop Pain

This is a video explaining how to give your lower lumber support in any chair for free, a video with a simple solution.

Cramps In Muscles

Cramps In Muscles defined, explained.


Ultrasound defined, and explained as how it relates to lower back pain.

Back Versus Stomach the Need to Mirror Muscles for Body Balance

The back muscles work against the stomach muscles, if one muscle is too strong, a person can have bad posture that results in back pain.

Peroneal Nerve

Peroneal Nerve research with vidoes explaning how foot drop results.

List of Poor Body Postures that Cause Lower Back Problems

This is my personal collection of posture, walking, standing, sitting or positions that put the body in awkward ways and caused lower back pain.

Cortisone Injection

Cortisone Injection

List of Ways to Relax the Lower Back Muscles

Collection of ideas on how to relax the lower back muscles.

Muscle Release

List of ways to release a muscle from contraction, spasm, tightness, or a hold that make the muscle or nerve pain. Muscle Release Techniques.

Muscle Release Defined

The definition of muscle release, an explanation of muscle release.

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome defined and explained.


Sciatica is a set of symptoms including pain that may be caused by general compression or irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots.

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