List of Back Pain Research topics to identify the problems, and the solutions as related to each problem. Sciatica - Herniated Disc - Accidents - Muscle Imbalance - Inflammation - Pain Management - Piriformis Syndrome - Sacroiliac Joint.

Welcome, I am Andy Graham,
I broke my left femur 30 years ago in a motorcycle accident that resulted in one leg shorter, and not straight resulting in an imbalance that caused 30 years later:
1. Shooting pain down left side of body - Sciatica
2. Spastic muscle pain which is either Piriformis Syndrome or Sacroiliac Pain
3. Foot Drop or pain on back of left knee - Peroneal Nerve.
The Pain Management Plan or Regime of Andy Lee Graham
This is my personal research, the goal is for me to remain walking and living normal. I am age 56, Andy Graham. Join us free!

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My Sciatica has been in remission now for 5-6 months, I believe it is because of three lifestyle changes to stopped the pain.

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Free Sciatica Consultation, by Andy Graham founder of this site.

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Aleve or Naproxen Sodium has given me relief from Sciatica pain now for two weeks, it feel like a miracle.

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How Long to Hold Stretch? Is 30 seconds good, or would it be better to hold for 15 minutes until the muscle fatigues?

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The Pain Management Plan or Regime of Andy Lee Graham

Sciatica on Andy Lee Graham

What is your back pain? What are the symptoms?

1. Pain in the lower back. the side of one leg, and in calf.
2. Numbness or no feeling in your foot or toes.
3. Sharp pain when you bend forward or back.
4. Cannot stand up from a chair.
5. Pain when sitting in very soft chair, a couch.
6. Pain when sitting on a hard chair.
7. Muscles that refuse to release or stop flexxing.
8. Protecting your back from doing normal activities.
9. Cannot stand straight without having severe muscle spasms in the low back.
10. Cannot put your hands above your head.
11. Difficulty standing for a long time.
12. Need to shift way from leg to leg for comfort, inordinate knowledge of your stance.
Problems that Cause Sciatica Back Pain
Accident in Car or Motorcycle
Age related
Ankylosing spondylitis
Cauda equina syndrome
Degenerative disc
Degenerative joint disease
Dehydration of Disc
Diabetic neuropathy
Herniated disc
Herniated spinal disc
Herpes zoster
High Blood Pressure
Imbalance in Muscles
Inheritable disorders of connective tissue
Irritation of the roots of the lower lumbar and lumbosacral spine
Lifting Too Much
Links to Pages with List of Causes of Sciatica
Lumbar spinal stenosis
Mechanical back pain
Neoplasms of the spinal cord
Pelvic fractures
Poor posture
Pressure on the sciatic nerve
Pressure on the spinal junction of the sciatic nerve
Psychosocial factors
Rheumatoid arthritis
Sciatic Nerve Inflammation
Sedentary lifestyle
Short Leg Cause of Sciatica
Sitting in Bad Chair
Spinal abscess
Spinal cord infections
Spinal cord injuries
Spinal stenosis
Spinal stenosis a degenerative condition discs is thinner
Spinal tumor
Tight Belt Sciatica
Tight Muscles Sciatica
Top 6 Causes of Sciatica.url
Twisting back
Wallet in Pants