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List of Back Pain Research topics to identify the problems, and the solutions as related to each problem. Sciatica - Herniated Disc - Accidents - Muscle Imbalance - Inflammation - Pain Management - Piriformis Syndrome - Sacroiliac Joint.

Welcome, I am Andy Graham,
I broke my left femur 30 years ago in a motorcycle accident that resulted in one leg shorter, and not straight resulting in an imbalance that caused 30 years later:
1. Shooting pain down left side of body - Sciatica
2. Spastic muscle pain which is either Piriformis Syndrome or Sacroiliac Pain
3. Foot Drop or pain on back of left knee - Peroneal Nerve.
The Pain Management Plan or Regime of Andy Lee Graham
This is my personal research, the goal is for me to remain walking and living normal. I am age 56, Andy Graham.

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