Andy Lee Graham Pain Treatment Regime

This is outline of my back pain treatment for sciatica caused by disc herniation and nerve impingement by piriformis muscle.

List of my Back or Nerve Problems:

1. Sciatica: Shooting pain down left side of body.

a. Lie on belly, and do a push up to bend column back, pushing disc back thee other direction.

b. I am sleeping only on my stomach.

c. I watch TV or lie on bed, or lie down with a pillow under my lower back.

2. Spastic muscle pain which is either Piriformis Syndrome, this could be Sacroiliac Pain. I am trying to super stretch all the muscles close to the sciatic nerve. Then trying to build up all the muscles to stop the imbalance.

a. Stretch by putting left leg over right and pushing for sky, 3 times for at least 30 seconds.

b. Cross leg and push belly button down, 3 times for at least 30 seconds.

c. Put leg under body and sit on it, 3 times for at least 30 seconds.

d. Put computer on both legs, and not one in bed.

e. Walk with foot pointed out.

f. Pillow under back when on bed.


3. Foot Drop or pain on back of left knee - Peroneal Nerve.

4. Left gluteous maximus is half the size from atrophy.

a. Walk up two stops with one leg

b. Stand on left leg when just standing.

c. Put left leg forward to grab, and use left hand to grab.

d. Stand on block and balance.  

5. Left ankle will not push off unless told too.


Scicatica Treatment:

Piriformis Syndrome Treatment:

I am stretching the Piriformis muscle until it is extremely loose.

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