May 28 2011 Sciatic Pain Stopped or is in Remission

Andy Lee Graham Present Pain Status

I have had debilitating pain for the last 6-12 months, it started when I was in Ghana, became worst in Guatemala, and peaked in Dominican Republic.

Since I have returned to the USA, my Sciatica or lower back pain has stopped, or decreased to something manageable.

The other day, I lifted a heavy car battery and it hurt for two days. There is also a numb spot on the bottom of my foot, the toe on my left foot has been number since age 23 when I had a car accident, this numbness appears to have grown to the bottom of my foot.

However, the pain has subsided, I am doing my best to not forget the pain, I must continue to do things to keep this in remission.

Andy with Sciatia

The idea of radical pain for the rest of my life made me put my life on hold.

Extreme pain is horrible, it fights it way continuously to the top of my conscious mind, it demands attention, and stopped me from doing normal activities. I have many project, one is writing a book, and sadly it has greatly disrupted my ability to concentrate.

In a way, pretend you are writing, and you have diarrhea, and you need to go to the toilet, how can you concentrate?

What has changed?

1. I am not carrying my large backpack.

2. I am not carrying my camera bag.

3. I am eating more fatty food.

4. I am taking, or was taking "Aleve," a type of over the counter pain medicine for inflammation.

I believe the pain will one day return, this is not a fun thought.

My hope is to have a few months of relaxation, and live my life without needing to cater to the pain of Sciatica.

Andy Lee Graham in Orland, Indiana just starting a USA Road Trip


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Funny you should mention Guatemala. I had a bad back pain after I left Antigua. I thought it was due to my running there, but now I wonder if there is something different about their beds.

Neil V

Andy, I suggest that you visit a JPS (John, Peter, Smith) Hospital of facility, schedule an appointment for a financial review to see if you qualify for free medical. I started a new business 18 months ago and as typical, my net income was real low that first year. I am a college grad with a Masters degree, I am not a hobo living on the streets. The treatment I have received so far has been amazingly good and much better/simpler than the service I received from Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance. I They tell me that I am not on Obama-care, not on Medicaid, but under some other undefined program that has been around for some time. Who cares, it is free and I and my wife receive the best of care here in Fort Worth. For example, I had a knee replacement two years ago yet I still have pain, JPS scheduled me to see an orthopoedic surgeon in July. The best part, it is all free. Free, Free, Free and I am clean, white, Republican and dont look the least bit poor. I am currently poor by most standards but a roof over my head, a car, food and water and air conditioning. What more could a person ask for. I am very happy. Go to a JPS Hospital Faciltiy, there are over 2,000 sites in the U.S.

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