Free Sciatica Consultation

Free Sciatica Consultation, by Andy Graham founder of this site.



I am Andy Graham, I have had Sciatica for about four years, and finally it is in remission.

I want to do research for this site, and would love to talk with you about your Sciatica. I am not a Doctor, I am an incredibly well read person on the subject. And, you have nothing to lose, but an hour of your time.


Sciatica is painful, it makes you think life is ending, the thought of having this pain for the rest of your life is almost impossilbe to imagine.

I want to talk with you, to learn more, to do more research. Maybe it will help, maybe not, but you have nothing to lose but the pain.

We need to have with video option, to show you things.

Call 1-260-624-4414 and tell me your code, or email address to allow us to connect on

Thank you,
Andy Graham



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