Does health insurance cover neuropathy cases?

Does health insurance cover neuropathy cases?

I'm from another state and looking to move to Florida and become a resident. I've already been here almost four years and have had such a hard, troubling time trying to get health insurance. When I was young, I had a transplant surgery, and so I need medication to live, which one of them is morbidly expensive.

I don't know what to do. I'm trying to find out all of my options because I need Health Insurance immediately, but everywhere I've turned for help has shut me out, or gone to a dead end.

I work, but I have a low income job that does not supply it's own Health Insurance. I understand that was a bad move, but I needed the money from that, until I can find a better job. I really need the insurance to help out with my regular neuropathy treatments.

Please, if anyone has any advice or help they can offer that will help me obtain the Health Insurance coverage I need, do respond.

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