Is 15 Minute Stretch of One Muscle Need to Fatigue a Muscles Stretch Receptors

How Long to Hold Stretch? Is 30 seconds good, or would it be better to hold for 15 minutes until the muscle fatigues?

If you have pain in a muscle?

If a muscle is inflamed, it can push against a nerve. Often this is Piriformis Syndrome and is pushing against the sciatic nerve.

How to stop pain? Can we fatigue the muscle until it releases the pain?

There is a buzz word, maybe a trendy phrase called:

"Muscle Release Therapy"

Generally, this means to push against a muscle pain until it releases.

"Muscle Manipulation A facet of muscle release therapy involves muscle manipulation to release tension and return the injured fibers to a neutral position. The release of tension and the adjustment of the affected muscles correct any adaptation or compensation the body is using to deal with the injury and pain. The muscles now move as normal, relieving any stress or strain placed on nearby muscles and other tissue, which should improve your pain."

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15 minute stretch

Stretching Debate? How long to hold?

"others claim that 15 minutes or more are required to fully fatigue a muscle's stretch receptors, resulting in a deeper stretch."

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How to stop Muscle Pain?

There are spasms in muscles, they can be caused by muscles imbalance, maybe your gait is wrong. Yes, to stop the cause is the root solution, yet if we have a muscle spasm, we somehow need to induce the muscle to release.

1. Push on it hard.

2. Pull or push it in a range of motion to fatigue it.

3. Stretch for 15 minutes or more until it tires, and the pain dissipates.

The Experiment?

Do you have pain in a muscle?

Stretch it for 15 minutes, does it feel better?


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