Piriformis Muscle

Piriformis Muscle defined.

Rotate Muscle

Piriformis Muscle - This muscle is used to make your foot point in (Pigeon Toe) or point out. When ontracted or short is when your foot is pointed out. (Not pigeon) When stretched the longest, the foot it pointed in, or your would look pigeon toe.

"When the piriformis is contracted it rotates the leg laterally (out to the side) causing your toes to point out rather than straight ahead."

 "Function of Piriformis Muscle: The primary function of the piriformis is external rotation of the hip. This means if you're standing facing forward, it allows the leg to turn to the outside. It also helps with abduction, or moving away from the midline of the body and extension, or lifting your leg behind you. There's also a stabilizing factor of the hip with weight-bearing activity."
Piriformis Muscle

There is a problem called Piriformis Syndrome, this is when the Piriformis Muscle squeezes the Sciatica nerve and causes great pain. The solution is to stretch the muscle until it is loose enough that is not squeezing the nerve.

Photos Piriformis Muscle

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