Why my Sciatica is in Remission

My Sciatica has been in remission now for 5-6 months, I believe it is because of three lifestyle changes to stopped the pain.

If you have lower back pain, or Sciatica, my Sciatica solution may work for you.

My research on low back pain, or Sciatica leads me to believe that every person is different. Yet, the solution will always be a change, we must stop doing what made our back hurt, and start doing what makes it feel better.

Yes, surgery is a change, but appoximately 50 percent of Sciatica surgery works, this is not a very successful type of operation.

This is a lifestyle change Sciatica solution.

Please watch the video.

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I also have it for many years. I have learned to live with it as its what you do with various pains when you get old. I do exercise and take my meds.
I also considererd surgery at one time but the doctor was very up front and explained in laymans language what I needed to know so I could make a wise decision.
He basically said that most operations are successful BUT there is the chance you may not walk again, etc, etc.
Enough said.


Very interesting Andy. (I tried to make a comment earlier but I think it got lost in cyberspace as I got bumped off your web site. So heres my second try!)

I am glad you are getting relief from your pain through your experiments!

Have you ever heard of the Alexander Technique? It was developed by an Australian about a hundred years ago. He was an actor who kept losing his voice during performances, so he was motivated (like you) to figure out the problem and the solution.

Learning and using the Alexander Technique involves the head-neck-spinal column continuum, getting things back in balance and allowing the muscles, joints and bones to stay in their natural unstressed alignment, while sitting, walking, standing, running, acting, whatever one does. It is about letting the homo sapiens skeletal and muscular systems carry themselves naturally, or as nature intended, through evolution.

Alexander cured himself and went on to teach others how to teach others to use this technique.

If you can find a good Alexander Technique teacher, it might be well worth your effort to learn and use the technique. Perhaps, like Alexander, it could lead to a permanent cure, as if the stresses in your spinal column are reduced, your body could heal itself.

Another thing of interest that you could look into is a supplement called hydrolyzed collagen, which makes the collagen 80 or 90 bio-available when ingested, and the collagen naturally goes to the joints where the body needs it most.

That might also help your body heal itself, now that you have discovered and started correcting some of the flaws in your posture, when lying or sitting, which put pressure on your spines current weakest parts.


Sciatica happens in many ways, this may well help the squeezing of the sciatica nerve problem, or the piriformis syndrome.

It it going to take me quite awhile to get the point of this, but I have now watch 5 videos. In many ways, it feels the same as yoga, in many way relaxation techniques.

Now personally I am not going to get a teacher, but I will try to accumulate youtube videos.

This also reminds me of the proud chest walk, often all people need to do with minor sciatica is walk with good posture. Or what with internet, or with a proud chest.

I do not like that all the videos are pushing the lessons.

Thanks for marking this Alexander technique, in the end, whatever solves your personal problem is what you should use.

I often relieve the stress of my spine by just lying on my back, and allowing my head to hang off the bed down.


A good Alexander Teacher makes it much easier to feel the correct balance when relearning and retraining your body to do basic movements correctly, that is without strain and breaking the bad habits that led to the problems: sitting and getting up, sitting down, lying down, getting up, reading, writing, walking,speaking, singing, etc. However, Alexander learned it himself by self-observation and self-correction so, in principle anyone should be able to duplicate his work.

Heres another book and approach to pain relief that may appeal to you:
3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life: The Groundbreaking Program for Total Body Pain Prevention and Rapid Relief [Paperback]
Joseph Weisberg (Author), Heidi Shink (Author) Its on Amazon and there are quite a few reviews to check out if you are interested.


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